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Dircks Workplace Solutions Website Launch


When you partner with Dircks Workplace Solutions, you can spend more time doing what you do best: running a successful business.  And you can do this having the peace of mind in knowing that your project is moving forward smoothly, on time and within budget.  The last thing we want to happen during your big move is for somebody to say after-the-fact, “Darn, if only the electrical outlets were a little closer to our workstations!”

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Dircks Annual Award Winners


Every year at Dircks, we like to present awards to employees who exemplify everything we stand for throughout the course of the year. While we truly believe that every single person on our team goes above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis, we do also like to recognize the top performers.

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Mayflower Award Winner


Congratulations to Brandon Stephens, Dircks’ Director of Corporate Services, who was named Mayflower National Account Salesman of the Month for August!

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Congratulations to the 10K a Day Challenge to Benefit the United Way Winners


Our very own Morgan Hankins awarded as one of the “Top Steppers’ in this year’s individual challenge: This year’s sixth annual UniGroup Virtual 5k benefitting the United Way underwent a twist and a name change. To keep things exciting and try new ways of promoting wellness, the 10K a Day Challenge to benefit the United Way was introduced. Agents were encouraged to gather a team of employee participants. Their goal was simple: Each employee tried to walk and clock 10,000 steps each day on a pedometer generously donated by Vanliner Insurance.

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The Arizona Republic-Moving 101- It pays to do your research on moving companies


The euphoria one feels upon buying a new home is often quickly offset by the panic that sets in once you realize you need to physically shuffle all of your worldly possessions from wherever you are now into that beautiful new home. For most families, the days of moving by getting a few college buddies together and renting a van are long gone. Indeed, many folks will find that hiring a moving company is what they’re going to need to do to get from here to there. And while moving undoubtedly can be stressful — will our things arrive in good condition and will the bill be higher than originally estimated? — the right moving company can make the process so much easier, said Rick Dircks, executive vice president of Dircks Moving and Logistics.

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The Customer is Always Write

"Your crew this morning, John Montano & Salvador enriquez, did a great job."
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