Month: July 2015

How to Get Friends to Help You Move

Enlisting friends to help with your move is a cost-conscious way to get into your new place. Because most people have moved at some point in their lives, they may be willing to help if you can’t afford professional services. That said, moving is nobody’s favorite activity, so make it a point to show your appreciation …

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To Pay Or Not To Pay For Packing, That Is The Question

Moving isn’t a cheap undertaking, so it’s understandable that people want to cut costs whenever possible. Take packing services, for example. Are they worth the money? We’d like to give you a definitive yes or no answer, but it truly depends on your individual set of circumstances. But make no mistake: Packing services do offer several big advantages. …

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Proper Moving Attire

What you chose to wear on moving day can make all the difference. Wearing the correct attire is the starting point for any successful move. Moving is a very demanding activity and you should be prepared both emotionally and physically for the task ahead. Here are some tips on what to put on when moving. Before …

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