ASU Education Involvement

ASU Education Involvement

Yes, we love and support Sun Devil athletics, but we are also heavily involved in supporting academics at ASU. We were recently approached by the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU about working with an undergraduate business class on a semester project, and we jumped at the opportunity to help provide some real world business insight to tomorrow’s leaders.

The group’s goal was to meet with prominent local businesses and to study their business-to-business buying behavior. The final product was to be are port on how Human Resources and Purchasing professionals make their buying decisions when purchasing new or existing services, and to offer suggestions based on their course studies for how we might be more effective.

Representatives from Dircks met regularly with the team over the course of their semester, and we will be honest in saying that it was an incredibly refreshing experience. Not only did we enjoy the students and their enthusiasm, but we truly did glean some valuable insights from people who are able to see beyond the day-to-day operations here at Dircks.

Some of our talks truly were academic in nature, focusing on time-tested business practices. But the youthful perspective gave us a fantastic glimpe of a younger demographic that will very likely be Dircks customers in the near future. And based on our discussions, our sales and HR teams will incorporate some positive strategic changes as we move forward.

Additionally, Rick Dircks recently spoke at the ASU West campus in front of its Logistics & Supply Chain program, which is a top national supply chain program. Rick is currently serving a two-year stint on the ASU West Community Leadership Board, providing guidance for business development and growth. He also serves on the ASU Supply Chain Advisory Council.