Beginners Guide to Moving Out

Beginners Guide to Moving Out

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Thinking about moving and don’t know where to start? Here is a beginners guide to moving from The Moving Blog, put together by Pamela Smith. The first time you move can always be a little stressful so use this guide to assist you on your first relocation.

Why People Move?

  • Most of the people in the USA move because of their job. They are looking for new opportunities, the company is relocating them to a new branch, they have been offered a better position, etc. Most of the people relocate today because they have found better employment, and they take their family with them. Still, there are also other reasons why people relocate.
  • Because they get together. It is normal for a couple to eventually take things to the next level and start their life together. Whether with or without marriage, living together means moving to one of the persons’ home or to a brand new place that you decide to buy/ rent together.
  • You need a bigger or a smaller home. If your family has grown, it means that you will need extra space for all the people living with you. On the other hand, if for some reason you need to save money and cut down on your spendings, moving is a way to lower expenses. If you downsize to a smaller home, the bills will be lower and there will be lower maintenance costs, too.
  • Your needs have changed. Young people move to college or university, they could relocate to campus or rent a place near the university.
  • Retirement. A lot of people decide to relocate when they retire. And it doesn’t have to be just to another state, it could also be abroad, to a cheaper country or just somewhere warm, where you could do things you like and relax.

How To Organize The Move?

  • You could do it yourself – the so called DIY move. That means finding the packing materials, doing the packing, renting a truck, loading/ unloading, dismantling and assembling of furniture. It could be quite tedious and time consuming, especially because you have no relocation experience. Even if you get helpers it could take quite some time to do everything.
  • Do the packing yourself and hire only moving labor to load, drive and unload the truck. Still, you have a whole home’s packing to take care of which is not an easy task. The loading and unloading will be much faster once you have professionals to take care of it.
  • Hire movers for a full move. You could rent a moving company that could do everything – from the packing to the unloading. It will take less time for the whole move if you choose this option, because movers are already used to this kind of work and can perform it quicker than you.
  • A luxury move. This is the most expensive option out of all, but it is most time-saving. You just need to be there to direct the movers. They will not only pack and move your home, but arrange your new place to the last detail like hanging the pictures on the walls and connecting the home cinema system. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

How Do You Find The Right Movers?

  • Read reviews. It is a fairly good way to find a professional moving company. Of course, even the most reliable mover could have bad reviews but as an exception rather than a rule.
  • Get quotes and compare them. Once you compare a few moving companies, at least 3, see what they offer not just in terms of cost but also in terms of services. Different movers could include different services in their quotes so make sure you understand them.
  • Check the USDOT. It will give you a lot of information like contact details, vehicles available, crash incidents, etc. The history of the moving company will shed some light on how professional and trustworthy they are.
  • Go online, look for moving companies in your area and check them out one by one. Look for memberships with the AMSA and BBB which means that the relocation firm strives to attain higher standards in their work.

What To Pack And What Not To Pack?

  • Do pack necessities like medicines, expensive technology, valuables. Throw away, sell or donate items that you haven’t used in the last 3 years. Chances are you will hardly remember about them after the move, too. Decluttering will also let you save money.
  • Do not pack hazardous materials, explosives (remove the gas from your lawn mower if you will be moving it). You are also not allowed to give to the movers perishable items like food and plants, and pets.
  • Items that are costly or delicate like pieces of art better be left for packing to the movers. If you are not sure how to handle those items, you risk damaging them.

This is our beginners guide to moving house or apartment, good luck with your relocation!