How To Decide Which Food Items Will Make The Move

How To Decide Which Food Items Will Make The Move

While helping a client pack up for a recent out-of-state move, our team was asked about what she should do with her food.  The client was just about to toss everything in her kitchen into the trash can, and wisely, she thought better of it!  So before you find yourself in the same situation and making the same potential mistake, please read on …

Let’s start with the basics.  When packing up for any move, whether out-of-state or just across town, unopened food items such as canned goods (soups, vegetables, etc.), boxed goods (cereals, packaged meals, pastas, etc.) and bottled goods (condiments, salad dressings, etc.) that don’t need to be refrigerated are okay to pack.  Same goes with your spice drawer, as most dried spices will make the trip as long as they are packed appropriately to minimize broken jars or spillage.

For those in-town moves, refrigerated items and other perishables can be moved if you load them into your own car and drive to the new location.  We recommend using coolers to make sure nothing spoils, though, no matter how short the trip.  Obviously these items should never be packed in boxes for a long haul, but there are alternatives to just tossing everything out.

If you want to be creative, invite some friends over and try to cook as much as you can.  This way, you can clear out the refrigerator and freezer while getting some help packing up (or just have fun with your friends!).  On the other hand, you can call a local food pantry or other charity and ask about whether or not they could use some extra food.  Dircks is an official partner of a fantastic national charity, Move For Hunger, and they can definitely help out in this arena.  Please visit the Move For Hunger website for more information on how you can get involved.

If for any reason you are looking for other programs in your area, odds are that you’ll find a charity that is in need and many times they’ll be glad to come pick up your food items.  Be sure to ask whether or not they accept partially used food items.  No, not the leftovers from yesterday’s casserole, but things such as boxed pancake mix, boxes of sugar or other staples that can be put to good use. In our opinion, this is a much better solution than just throwing all of that food away!

With any move, working to limit the amount of food items you take with you is a good idea.  Use your head when it comes to deciding what to pack and what to leave behind, but as with anything, don’t hesitate to call Dircks if you have any questions!