How to Unpack a House in Two Days

How to Unpack a House in Two Days



Not many things are worse than getting to your new house, looking around at all your stuff and having NO IDEA where to put it all. If you are planning your next move, these tips will drastically help you know exactly how to unpack a house in two days!


Layout furniture before you move

If possible, go to the new house before you move. If distance does not permit this, ask your realtor or previous owner for a floor plan. From there, you can measure and figure out where all your big furniture is going to go. Where will you put the couches? Where will the entertainment center fit? On what wall do you want your headboard for your bed? Where will the dresser go? Don’t forget the garage. Where will your garage pantries go? Your shelves? Your lawn equipment, snow shovels, bikes, kids cars?


Take pictures before you pack

Taking pictures with your phone before you pack will greatly help you when you want to put everything back. This also helps to put things back where they belong super quick! it especially helps with tasks like re plugging TV’s and computers.


Refrain yourself from organizing

You don’t have to be set in stone on where things go right off the bat. Throw all your food in the pantry. Don’t worry about organizing it. Just get all those dishes, cups, glasses, silverware, pots, and pans put up in a cabinet or drawer where you think they can fit in best. You can fiddle around with the layout of things later when you’re settled in and find yourself drawn to one area more than another. It’ll all start coming together.


Never take clothes off of hangers

A little known trick is that you can save so much time packing and unpacking clothes by keeping them on the hangers and placing a trash bag over the bottom of the clothes and tying it at the top near the hangers. Then when you get to the new house, simply remove the bag and hang the clothes up in your new closet.


Label your boxes well

Label boxes by room. It even helps to color coordinate your labels to correspond to each room in the house. If you pack misc. items all together, make a list on the box lid. This way you will know where everything is quickly!


Pack a suitcase

One of the biggest tips you need to know is to pack a suitcase for your entire family for five days. All clothes, toiletries, personal items, and anything else you’d pack to take on a trip or vacation, have it all there in suitcases. Don’t forget pets! They need a zipper baggy of food for five days too, along with two bowls, one for water and one for food. Anything else they may need, like a bed, leash, etc., have packed as well. This will ensure that you’re not scrambling after you move to get to work or the kids to school on time. Everything is there in the suitcases and you have FIVE days to unpack and find things!