Moving Day Kit

Moving Day Kit


Moving Day Survival Kit



Planning ahead is an integral part of the moving process. A simple tip we give all of our Dircks customers is to prepare a Moving Day Kit. The week before your move, make a box and designate it as your moving day kit, fill it with things you will need to make life SO. MUCH. EASIER.

Pro Tip: Transport your moving day kit yourself so it doesn’t get lost in the moving-day whirlwind!

Here’s what to put inside…

1. Essentials

  • Notebook & Pen – you will have to take notes, what you need to buy for the house, things to ask/tell the landlord, reminders for yourself.
  • Sharpie – there always seems to be a reason to have a sharpie around like relabel boxes as you organize or make signs to direct the pizza delivery guy.
  • Shelf paper – after you have cleaned and before any cups or plates are in the shelves, get your shelf lining paper in there to protect your goods.
  • Scissors / Box Cutter – trim the shelf paper, open packages, and make a playhouse for the kids out of empty boxes.
  • Trash Bags

2. Cleaning Supplies

  • Dish gloves – you have no idea what you might find. What the last tenants might have left behind the fridge, or in the bathroom, or under the sink. You do not want to be touching that. Yuck.
  • Broom / Dust Pan / Vacuum / Mop – Get those floors sparkling clean so your family, furniture, and any possessions that get set on the floor do not come away nasty.
  • Mr Clean Magic Erasers clean the stove and the bath or shower in a snap.
  • Lysol wipeskill any germs that remain.
  • Rags / Paper Towelsbring ’em, You’ll need ’em.

3. Tools

  • Hammer
  • Small finishing nails or picture hanging supplies
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Allen wrenches
  • Pliers
  • Measuring tape

4. Don’t forget

  • Snacks – moving is hard work and you do not want to run out of steam after a few hours. I like almonds and apples for a quick bite that lasts.
  • Coupons for the pizza place – feed those helpers who have been slaving away. They will thank you, even though you are thanking them… it’s crazy how that works.
  • Water – I buy a flat of water bottles and put them on the kitchen counter. When the guys drop off a load I offer them some water. Well-hydrated helpers means productive helpers.
  • Entertainment for kids – little ones find the “carry this for mommy” game to become boring after a very short while. I find that my laptop with a new movie, the ipad or kindle, and Barbies or Lego’s set up in one corner of the living room to be VERY helpful.
  • The kids – you have so much to keep track of on moving day. Make sure the little guys/girls are on your list too