Moving Etiquette

Moving Etiquette

There is etiquette that movers must follow for each customer, but what about the etiquette each customer must follow for the movers?  A review of easy etiquette practices will make for a more positive experience for both customers and movers.

• Customers should stay available for movers throughout the entire process.  There may be questions that needs immediate answers and aide them in their work.

• Offer movers cool water.  Any type of physical activity will increase thirst, and the simple act of offering them a drink can make a big difference in the process.

• Identify any fragile items ahead of time and assist with marking the boxes the fragile items are in.  No one wants their items to be damaged, and since the customer knows best what items are fragile, assisting movers with the labeling of items and boxes will help insure safe packing and loading.

• If the move will last most of the day, it is nice to offer snacks or food like pizza or sandwiches for movers. Movers can work up an appetite, especially if they are moving heavy items – like in an office move.

• This is more for you neighbors and neighborhood: make sure to pick up any trash or stray items that may have fallen in yards or in the street during the move.
Moving isn’t easy and requires many different elements to make it all happen.  Proper etiquette, and the right moving company, can make a big difference in your moving experience.