Moving With Kids

Moving With Kids


Family Unpacking Boxes In New Home Smiling


For some inexplicable reason, one of the busiest times of the year for moving in Arizona is summer time. Actually, we know that a big part of the reason is that school is out and it’s a great time to move with kids, but we still can’t help but ask sometimes, “You’re moving to Arizona in July?  Have you ever been here before?”  As we’ll be pointing out in subsequent blog posts, moving to Arizona in the summer time can pose a number of unique challenges, especially for those moving here from another state.  One mistake that we at Dircks are always aware of—and one that we see people make all too often—is what to do with the kids.

Moving can be traumatic enough for many kids. Now throw in unfamiliar triple-digit heat, maybe a first time for a pool, lots of sharp and pointy plants to learn about in the backyard, monsoons and potentially dangerous animals, and you’ve got a problem for parents who are easily distracted by the demands of moving into the house.  With a little bit of preparation, though, moving day can be simple and fun for the kids!

First off, before moving day arrives make sure to pack one box dedicated to kids toys and activities.  Fill it with markers, crayons, colored pencils and other craft activities your child might enjoy.  Fill it with board games, favorite toys and other items that your kids play with for a few hours.  Just make sure that there is plenty for your kids to do … then make sure that the box is clearly labeled and that you point out to the moving crew that you’d like that box unpacked first.

Once you and the moving truck arrive, get that box and designate a safe place inside where your kids can play unattended.  You WILL be running from room to room, inside and out, and you need to know that your kids are occupied and safe while you work with the moving crew.  We know kids are curious and may want to explore their new surroundings, but in this Arizona summer you do NOT want your kids exploring outside until the whole family has a chance to talk about safely living in the desert!

And that’s just for the actual move day.  There was a recent article in the New York Times that we wanted to share, one that addresses the uncertainty that kids might face when moving to new surroundings.  From the article, “As any parent who has had to reread the same bedtime story for nights on end knows, children crave consistency. And if any event can upend that cozy sense of security, it’s moving house. Could anything — short of monsters, bears and the dark — pose a bigger threat to a small child’s well-being?”

That’s a great point, and the article goes on to recommend a few books for children that address the topic of moving house.  We gave these books a quick peek, and they look to be right on the money!  But read the article for yourself to help you decide which book or books will work best for you and your kids.

Moving with kids can be a lot of fun, but it is so easy as a parent to become distracted and focus on something else.  With a little planning and creativity, any parent can create a fun and safe place for kids to entertain themselves while the move itself is happening.