Moving Party Time!

Moving Party Time!

Moving Boxes For Play


Okay, so you’ve hired a mover, and the job is done.  You’re in your new place with all of your furniture and boxes, and you look around and realize that you’re surrounded by … all of your furniture and boxes!  Of course, one of our more popular services at Dircks is packing and unpacking.  We would be happy to do that for you, but we thought we’d also share some fun ideas that you can do to entice your friends and family to pitch in and help out in your new digs.

Tip number one: channel your inner Tom Sawyer!  While you may get one or two friends or family members who are actually willing to help, the reality is that you are probably more likely to run into excuses if you come right out and ask for help unpacking.  Now, we’re not encouraging you to lie to your loved ones, but a little creativity goes a long way.  Instead of the straight-up ask for help, host a pre-housewarming Housewarming Party.

It’s summer time, so if you’ve got a pool and a barbecue, get them ready.  Just make sure that you get some help unpacking and moving furniture around before starting an epic game of Marco Polo.  On that note, if kids are in the picture, you could always disguise everything as a play date for all the little ones to get to know each other in their new home.

Here’s a favorite:  while packing up for the move, make sure to put something unique in just one of your boxes.  Think “golden ticket” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  On unpacking day, let everyone know that whomever finds the ticket will win a prize.  Something like a bottle of wine for adults or a fun toy for kids.  But also make sure that you have smaller consolation prizes for everyone else.  Nothing too extravagant, but everyone will walk away happy and they will have had fun in the process.  In the end, they’ll remember the treasure hunt more than the fact that you tricked them into semi-hard labor.

And do we even need to mention that the 4th of July is next week?  How about making it a race to see who can find the 4th of July decorations so you can get the party started?

Here at Dircks, we are all about providing peace of mind for you when you move, and that includes making the entire experience as fun and stress-free as possible.  Do something different to include friends and family.  In addition to helping welcome you to your new house, they’ll always remember the good time they had helping you get settled and that new house will feel more like a new home for everybody as long as you live there.

Happy moving!