Budgeting Your Relocation – How to Keep Costs Down

Budgeting Your Relocation – How to Keep Costs Down



It can be easy to focus the storage, shipping, and moving trucks for your relocation, but what about all the other expenses?  Many people find relocating can be more expensive than they originally planned due to all the little details often overlooked.  The easiest way to cut costs, and stress, when relocating is to create a detailed budget ahead of time.  Detail all your expected expenses with accurate estimates, and stick to it.  Here are some examples of the costs involved in relocating:


Utility fees.  Some utility companies charge fees to shut off your water cable earlier in the billing cycle.  Be sure to check with your utility companies to see what their policy is on canceling contracts.  Also remember that you may have to put a down payment on your utilities at your new place.  Be sure to budget for the costs both at your current home and at your new home.

Travel costs.  Remember you aren’t just moving your belongings, you have to move you too!  Calculate the cost of a tank of gas, and how many times you will have to stop at the pump along the way.  Think about snacks and meals along the way, and the costs of lodging too.  One of the best ways to keep costs down is to map out your trip, knowing exactly when you will stop for the night to take advantage of the best hotel deals or lowest gas prices.

Finding a new home.  If you are not already set up with a new place upon arriving, you may need to spend money on a temporary place while looking for a new home.  While searching, you should factor in costs like Realtor fees, inspection fees, HOA fees, and the down payment.

License and registration.  When moving to a new state, don’t forget about the cost of getting a new license and re-registering your car.  These fees vary by state so be sure to check with the local Department of Motor Vehicles for the costs for each adult in your household.


Whether your company is footing the bill for your relocation, or the expenses are coming out of your pocket, you will want to minimize all moving expenses wherever possible.  Hiring a trusted moving company is another great way to save time and money on your move.  Once you have budget all your relocating expenses, get a free online estimate of your move from Dircks Moving & Logistics, and don’t forget to ask the friendly team at Dircks for more tips on how to save money when relocating.