Busiest Time of The Year

Busiest Time of The Year

Hello everyone!

Summer is officially here and it’s the busiest time of year for moving companies across the nation.

So as moving activity increases, we’re finding that more and more consumers are relying on the Internet to find moving companies and base their purchase decision on price alone.  And as this happens, more moving scams emerge.

To address this, we at Dircks recently teamed up with two of our local news affiliates to help educate consumers on what they should know, what they should ask and most importantly, what they need to look out for when shopping around for a residential mover.

To view these television news clips, please click the below:


Again, while we all consider price important and we love a good bargain, it is extremely important that when evaluating moving companies, you are taking their reputation and track record into consideration as well. Choosing a moving company that is unlicensed and not insured could be a decision you’ll regret for years to come, and that is the last thing we at Dircks want to see happen.

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