DIY Move vs Hiring the Professionals

DIY Move vs Hiring the Professionals

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There is a new fad going on, DIY, which stands for Do it Yourself. All over Pinterest, YouTube, and even a DIY network you can find tips and tutorials on how to do things yourself. But are there certain things you should not do yourself?  For example, a DIY move versus hiring professional movers.  Here are some reasons why hiring the professionals at Dircks is the way to go for your next move.

We’re Fast.  Family and friends may mean well, but we all know how hard it is to get the whole gang together. If you want to make your move quick and efficient stick with the pros.

We show up on time. When you ask your friends and family to help you move as a favor, you have to work around their schedules. With all those different schedules it is almost impossible to find a time where everyone is available, resulting in your move turning into different shifts rather than a full day where professional movers dedicate their time to making your move as efficient as possible.

We bring a truck. So you are trying to brainstorm which ones of your friends have a pickup truck or a large car. Well wouldn’t it be easier if there was someone you could call that had a truck large enough to fit all of your stuff?

We bring the tools. At Dircks we bring everything needed to move your precious items safely. Already packed up your screwdriver, but forgot about taking apart that bookshelf? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got all the tools for that!

We don’t break things. There are no amateur movers at Dircks, we take that extra step to ensure your items are protected during the move. No need to have the post-move grudge against, who used to be, your favorite cousin (until he dropped your grandmother’s antique mirror).

We love hospitality, but we won’t expect a full course meal. When asking family and friends to help you move, it is only polite to provide meals. And if your move takes several days, that means multiple large meals. We don’t want you to have to worry about anything during this transition time. Cross the courtesy meals expense off your list and call the movers at Dircks!


So the next time you are in need of help moving consider the benefits of calling the professionals. Moving can be stressful enough, let the professionals at Dircks assist you with making your next move an enjoyable one.