Items Not to Pack

Items Not to Pack

Hhw Accepted Materials

Earlier we provided a list of items that are normally forgotten during a move, now we want to provide you a list of items that are typically not allowed on a moving truck. These items are hazardous, perishable, sentimental or personal in nature and will either cause harm to others or put your personal information in jeopardy if obtained by the wrong person.

Hazardous Items

Aerosol Cans Kerosene
Ammonia Liquid Bleach
Ammunition Loaded Guns
Car Batteries Matches
Charcoal/Lighter Fluid Nail Polish
Chemistry Sets Paint Thinners
Cleaning Solvents Paints/Varnishes
Darkroom Chemicals Pesticides
Fertilizer Poisons
Fire Extinguishers Pool Chemicals
Fireworks Propane Tanks
Fuels/Oils Sterno Fuel
Household Batteries Weed Killer

Perishable Items

Foods without adequate preservation
Frozen Food
Open or Half-Used Foods
Refrigerated Foods

Personal Items

Address Books Insurance Policies
Airline Tickets Jewelry and Furs
Car Titles Keys
Cash Laptops
Cell Phones Medical/Dental Records
Checkbooks New Home Documents
Computer Data Files/Backups Prescription Medications
Family Photographs/Photo Albums Professional Files
Financial Documents
(stocks, bonds, CDs, IRAs, deeds, tax records)
School Records
Home Videos


Keep in mind the items not to pack just as you would the items you want to pack. Remember: the safety of your belongings, your information and the employees of the moving company come first.  A special thanks to our partner Mayflower Transit for providing a few of the items on these lists.  Find more information on this topic on the Mayflower website.