Moving Nemo

Moving Nemo

Everybody loves a good “fish tale”, and boy have we got a whopper for you!  Our good friends at ASM America, Inc. recently trusted us with helping to move the Mehta family across country from Boston, MA to Phoenix, AZ.

The problem?  The family was worried that their young son’s three goldfish wouldn’t be able to make the move.  As if moving to a new state thousands of miles away isn’t hard enough, that news was devastating to the lad.

Well, this simply was not acceptable to Dircks’ newest driver, Eddie Amador.  For the move, Eddie helped “pack” the goldfish in individual jars with air holes.  He drove them in his cab … and fed them along the way! … and all three fish made it to the family’s new home, safe and sound.

Young Mr. Mehta was thrilled to have his friends with him, and Eddie … well, he’s a great example of going above and beyond the quality service Dircks is known for, and delivering peace of mind for the Mehta family.


Eddie And Mr. Mehta Son

Dircks driver Eddie Amador, young Mr. Mahta and our aquatic friends!