Proper Moving Attire

Proper Moving Attire

Moving Attire

What you chose to wear on moving day can make all the difference. Wearing the correct attire is the starting point for any successful move. Moving is a very demanding activity and you should be prepared both emotionally and physically for the task ahead.

Here are some tips on what to put on when moving.

Before you begin

If you are lifting heavy boxes and furniture keep in mind that moving can be tiresome so plan the day accordingly allowing for beaks. Make sure you have bottled water at hand, enough for the whole day.

Check the weather

Use your common sense, if it is hot and sunny wear shorts and a t-shirt, if it is raining you should wear something waterproof like a rain coat or rain poncho.

Clothing with multiple pockets

This is the most convenient way to store your ‘immediate’ items such as phone, wallet and keys.  Deep pockets are the best particularly if you have to disassemble things like furniture and need somewhere to store screwdrivers and allen keys for quick access.

Comfortable, closed-toe shoes

With most stuff out of its usual position you never know when you may accidentally step on a something sharp or drop something you are carrying. To avoid these potential risks, be proactive and wear close-toed shoes on the moving day, if you can wear steel toes capped boots or at least opt for practical shoes which are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Tie back long hair

Long hair may keep obstructing your view or get caught up in furniture, this can be risky especially if you are carrying heavy items with another person, don’t put them at risk tie your hair back.

However when moving it’s not just the attire that matters but also the moving company that you will be using. No matter how appropriately you are dressed, if you have not hired a reliable moving company, the whole process will turn into a nightmare. At Dircks Moving and Logistics we can make your move less stressful by delivering peace of mind. Dircks is a full service reliable moving company capable of handling logistics, residential, and commercial moves.