A Leader In Every Way

A Leader In Every Way

Chip Dircks 2


Chip Dircks has an extensive background in the moving industry, with over 30 years of experience and several management positions around the U.S.  He is the co-founder of Dircks Moving Services, one of the leaders in the industry.  His experience has given him valuable knowledge that makes Dircks a cutting-edge and competitive moving company.

His approach to his business and personnel set him apart from most executives.  He is an honest and straight-forward communicator, and stays as involved as possible with the entire Dircks team.  “I want to keep the culture of Dircks family-oriented.  We are a team, and we are in this together,” he says.  These attributes allow for a positive work environment that adds to Dircks being an industry leader.

Chip Dircks’ involvement in the moving industry goes beyond his own business. He is on the Executive Board of Directors for UniGroup, Inc., the parent company of Mayflower and United Van Lines.  He sits on the board of many industry organizations including Chairman for the American Moving and Storage Institute and serves as a Board Member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).  He also serves on the Board of the Arizona Trucking Association.  His leadership and commitment to excellence extends into the community with his involvement with the ASU Alumni Association and the ASU Sun Devil Club.

As an industry leader, Chip focuses on cleaning up the bad reputation of the moving industry. Every day he strives to get the state of Arizona to regulate the moving industry; currently there are no moving regulations in Arizona.  Implementing regulations would benefit anyone and everyone that moves and put rogue movers out of business.

His involvement and leadership have gotten him noticed by many. A few of the awards he has received are the 2009 Mayflower President’s Award for Quality and the 1997 ASU College of Business Arizona Business Leadership Award.  To gain such high recognition is no easy task, and these awards speak clearly to the type of person, leader and community member that Chip Dircks is.  His passion for creating a strong work environment has led to the success of Dircks, and will ensure continued success and prosperity in the industry.