Avoiding Rogue Movers

Avoiding Rogue Movers

Dircks Moving Services has joined Mayflower Transits’ The Right Move campaign to promote moving safety and alert everyone about rogue movers.  In an effort to spread the word, Executive Vice-President Rick Dircks appeared on 12 News with Consumer Interest Reporter Dave Cherry to discuss safe moving practices. Here are some key points from the latest interview:

• The two biggest rogue acts that disreputable movers try to pull are holding goods hostage for additional fees and taking a large deposit up front and never moving your items.  The mover will quote them one price but then refuse to deliver the goods until the customer pays a much higher rate than was originally quoted.

• The first questions you should ask a mover are: “how long have you been in business”, “do you have a local office” and “will you provide an in-home estimate?” The in-home estimate is important because transportation charges are based not only on the distance of the move, but also on the weight of the items being moved. For interstate moves, your mover is required to give you an in-home estimate. If your mover is not willing to do this, find another mover.

• Do not get fixated on the lowest price. Rogue movers often lure customers with very low prices and then hit them with unreasonable additional charges after loading or, in extreme cases, even hold their belongings for thousands of dollars in ransom. Get three estimates ¬ – if one is much lower than the others, that is a red flag.

• It’s important to know that movers must give written estimates, and a mover cannot withhold delivery of your belongings if you have paid the estimated cost.  Consumers should always read the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” brochure before booking a mover. This brochure and other moving tips are available at www.mayflower.com.

It is important to know the warning signs of a wrong move so you can always make the right move.  Dircks wants everyone to be well informed when planning a move, and through this campaign we can bring awareness to bad moving practices and put a stop to rogue movers.  For more information on “The Right Move” campaign visit www.mayflower.com.