Commercial Moves

Commercial Moves

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Another part of what we do is commercial moves for offices and business.  We previously posted a video showing our team in action during an office move.  Now, we want to go a little more in-depth about what commercial moving means to us, and to you, the customer.

We work with a wide variety of industries, and have delivered our services to universities, corporations, health service centers, hospitals, and a host of other industry specific facilities.  Our staff is trained on how to move a wide variety of equipment such as: desks, office furniture and systems, servers, MRI’s, X-Ray machines, lab tables, etc.  Your business relies on your equipment, and we take special care of everything we move.

At Dircks we are involved in every step of your move by utilizing our Move Management processes.  Facility improvements and new construction moves require numerous vendors to be involved and a long list of plans to be executed.  With move management, we take the load off your hands and assist in evaluating, selecting and managing vendors and timelines to ensure that you move on-time and within budget.  Our move management services include but are not limited to: system furniture layout, space planning and telecom, data and electrical set-up.

Also, Dircks is a proud member of the Commercial Relocation Network (CRN), membership organization made up of the largest and most successful office and industrial relocation companies in the country. The group is administered by an executive committee of industry professionals dedicated to having only the best vendors available for our customer’s use.  A membership of this caliber means that we not only take our commercial relocations seriously, but that we deliver quality service every time.

Commercial moves are a large part of what we do and we pride ourselves on being able to offer top-notch service to all of our clients.  Your every day business operations aren’t taken lightly, and neither should your move.  For any type of commercial move, we have the tools and expertise to keep you moving forward.