HR – Movers and Shakers

HR – Movers and Shakers

It’s not always the case, but often when the acronym HR or words Human Resources appear or are spoken, they illicit thoughts of:

·    Someone is getting fired

·    Demoted

·    Promoted yet with only a 1.8% increase, or

·    Here comes a mountain of paperwork.

When Dircks Moving Services thinks of HR, it means value. Value to an organization, valuable to our business and extremely helpful to the perpetual cause of Corporate Relocations. We don’t just believe in HR staff; we know that they are a key cog in every organization’s effective operating structure.  And in addition to operations, HR leadership also creates and maintains a company’s culture…which couldn’t be more true and accurate at Dircks.  HR staffs are quite simply people helping people…the exact manner and reputation for how we operate and thus how we’ve become known as highly regarded movers. Much like our blogs have described the Who in our own company, HR staffs at companies through the United States really are the ones behind the scenes making things happen, positive things. Subtract the HR department from your place of business and what do you have. To us, it would be similar to removing our entire fleet of trucks. You can’t be who you are without the essentials of what you do…and more times than not, it’s the people, the Who, that do the What. So, the next time you’re approached by HR, don’t fear the HReaper. Like us, they are Movers…that sometimes have to do some Shaking.