Mayflower vs. Mayflower Infographic

Mayflower vs. Mayflower Infographic

We are an agent for Mayflower Transit, the most popular name in the moving industry. When we think Mayflower we instantly think moving company, but for many we assume the pilgram’s Mayflower may be the first thing that comes to mind. We wanted to see what the results would be if we pitted the pilgrim’s Mayflower against our own Mayflower. It’s Mayflower vs. Mayflower!

All moving statistics cited below are based on the typical weight moved, number of trips made, and size of our trucks used in a two-month period. We’re thankful that we didn’t have to live in that small of a space! Share, and enjoy.

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Courtesy of: All American Moves

Thanks to All American Moving Services for sharing this infographic with us!