Rick Dircks Talks Technology and the How Dircks

Rick Dircks Talks Technology and the How Dircks

An excerpt from our most recent Newsletter: Rick Dircks talking technology:

I was recently asked about my thoughts on whether or not technology is an important tool for growth in our industry. in terms of staying competitive, communicating with customers and achieving satisfaction levels by leading with new innovations.

My initial answer was (and is) a resounding “absolutely!” More than ever, our industry needs to be aware of how our customers use technology, and how our customers expect technology to benefit them.

Customers today are much more communicative with businesses, so when it comes to something as important as a move, they need to be kept completely “in theloop”. WeatDirckshaveimplemented a number of technological systems to do just that.

In my experience, I’ve seen that some moving companies can be a bit slow to adapt to modern technology or systems because they don’t see the benefits of adding “bells & whistles”. In my opinion, that’s exactly the kind of forward thinking our industry needs!

From start-to-finish, our technology lets us communicate with our customers and provide them a system of constant contact throughout their move. For starters, our estimators are equipped with iPads using Mayflower’s “Quotes to Go” system that allow them to:
• Accurately assess weight and volume
• Photograph entry points to the home and neighborhood, assuring proper equipment and manpower
• Identify large or unusual items that will need planning and attention
• Relay all of this information in real time to teammates throughout the process

Fasttrack is a driver inventory system that allows our drivers to do an electronic inventory of a customer’s belongings, as opposed to the manual, paper version that is now used. This also saves time during a hectic day and provides a more legible and customer- friendly format!

Universe is a portal where all UniGroup commercial warehouses can be connected so that we can track our customers’ inventory in any UniGroup warehouse throughout the country.

Windfall is a warehouse inventory management system that automates the inventory and allows our customers to view and order deliveries on line. It’s our Windfall that will talk to other warehouse’s programs that makes up Universe.

With all of this, our customers can virtually see every step of their move, no matter how big or small. They see the accuracy, professionalism and efficiency of their moving team, all while feeling a part of the process. What’s more, everything is paperless, scanned and instantly transmitted to our customers!

So yes, staying up to speed with technology is absolutely essential to industry growth, and Dircks will always strive to be at the forefront!

– Rick Dircks