Ten Most Forgotten Items

Ten Most Forgotten Items

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With so much to remember during your move, odds are that even the most organized individual may overlook a detail or two.  Making detailed lists is a great way to remember all your important items.  But where to start with listing all your items can seem like a daunting task.  To help get you started, Dircks Moving & Logistics has compiled a list of the 10 Most Forgotten Items for moving.  Add these to the top of your list to get you started.


1. Records.  Make sure you have medical records (or veterinary) records for all members of your family.  These will come in handy when transferring schools or starting a new job.  You may need a notarized letter to obtain official documents, so be sure to plan ahead by contacting the American Medical Records Association for the regulations in your state.  This is also a good time to remember to transfer your prescriptions from your local pharmacy to one near your new home

2. Hidden Treasures.  Don’t forget to pack up any valuables you have stored around your house or in safety deposit boxes.  Remember that items like jewelry, family heirlooms, and other valuables were stored in a safe place for a reason.  Be sure to pack them with you or in a lock box for transport.

3. Contact Lists.  Pack phone books from your current location to take with you.  You will save lots of time and energy trying to contact your current local businesses if you have easy access to their numbers.

4. Collect & Return.  Remember to pick up any items that are being serviced, like dry cleaning, furniture repairs, jewelry cleaning, etc.  Meanwhile, think of all the items you have to return: library books, movie rentals, and items borrowed from friends.

5. Clean Sweep.  Arrange for your home to have a final cleaning before you move.  Leave your cleaning supplies out when you pack to make it easier to “freshen up” your home once more before leaving.  You can throw these old supplies out and purchase new ones for your new home.

6. New Address.  Keep your new address handy in case you forget in the haste of your move.  Having it handy will help make sure you give out the correct information when forwarding bills, turning on services, and talking to friends.

7. Remember Nemo.  Your pets are members of your family and deserve the same consideration when moving.  Make sure you make special arrangements for your pet’s transport, lodging, and daily care along the way.

8. Banking local.  If you plan to open a checking account at a local bank in your new hometown, be sure to set one up about a month before you move.  That way, you will have instant access to your cash upon arriving.  If you plan to keep your same bank, scout out the closest local branch to your new home.

9. Open and Close.  Remember to collect all the garage door openers out of your cars and leave them for the new homeowners.

10. Keys to a successful move.  Collect all spare house keys from all family members, neighbors, and secret hiding spots.  If your home has any gate codes, be sure to turn those in to your homeowners association or security company.


These Ten Most Forgotten Items are a great start to your moving checklist.  Remember, it is often the everyday things that get overlooked in a move.  Be sure to start a list about one month out from your move, listing items you use every day.  By the time moving day comes, you should have a comprehensive list of all the items you use, return, or hand out that need to be packed up to move.