Reducing Downtime During an Office Move

Reducing Downtime During an Office Move



Time is money. Every business wants to operate in the most cost effective way possible, even during a relocation.  A simple solution to reducing downtime during an office move is to call on Dircks Moving Services.  We have the professional staff and logistics in place to eliminate downtime and relocate your office quickly.

We implement Move Management at Dircks, which allows us to properly assist with a wide range of office moves, including moves based on facility improvements and new construction. With move management we can evaluate, select and manage vendors and timelines so that you move on-time and, most importantly, within budget.

Move Management also allows us to provide services such as: system furniture layout, space planning and telecom, data and electrical set-up.  With an abundance of available services and trained professionals, Dircks is the perfect solution for a quick office move.

Don’t put the care of your business in the wrong hands during an office move.  Let Dircks provide top-notch, efficient service for your next move so downtime won’t be an issue.