Tips for Moving with Children

Tips for Moving with Children

Girl Moving House


You got that new promotion or decided it was time for a new start; either way the decision to move has been finalized. You have researched your new city, found potential new homes and hired the movers at Dircks. Now come the hard part, telling your children you will be moving. Even if it is just around the corner, children are not usually excited by the big news. But there is something that always interest children, and that would be helping out, feeling as if they are a part of this big transition. Here are some tips to make your next move enjoyable for all that are involved.

Time for a family meeting. It’s been a while since you’ve ordered pizza and had a game night. Now is the time to enjoy your living space that one last time. This is a time to share your moving experiences and talk about the exciting adventures your new home has to offer.

Let your children know what their role is going to be. Giving them a task will make them feel helpful, from packing up their stuffed animals to decorating the boxes.

Host a moving sale. This is a time where it’s out with the old and in with the new. Have everybody in the family help out with deciding what stays and what goes. Make sure to have some kind of incentive, whether the money from your movie sale will be used towards a new flat screen or even a new puppy.  Having a goal will get the kids more invested in helping out.

If you have older children, have them do some research. Researching your new home can be scary at first, but have them put together a list of all the new things you and your family can do together once you arrive. New restaurants, community events, local attractions, etc…

Let me them imagine what their new room is going to look like. Whether it’s going to be a racecar theme or a new princess pink room, letting them dream about how their new room will look will take their mind off of leaving behind their old one.


Those are just a few tips to get your children involved in this new exciting time. Oh and of course calling the movers at Dircks will be the first step in making your move as anxiety-free as possibly, for the whole family!