To Do List: One Month Before Moving

To Do List: One Month Before Moving

To Do: One Month Before Moving

• Create a folder or binder to keep all records related to the move.

• Plan the actual physical move (aka call Dircks)

• If you are moving for a job find out what moving expenses will be reimbursed and what receipts or documentation you will need for that purpose.

• If you are going to need temporary or permanent storage for some of your items figure that out now as well. (Dircks can help with that as well)

• Schedule the turn on and turn off of your utilities: Phone, Internet, Cable, Water, Garbage, Gas, and Electric services. Earlier the better so you don’t end up paying for utilities you are not using.

• Determine how you are going to move your vehicles and other valuables (especially for long distance moves).

• Sketch out a floor plan of the new home to figure out what furniture you can take with you and what new furniture you may need to get.

• Hold a garage sale or go through all of your belongings and donate what you don’t need to Goodwill. If you haven’t used it in the last year, you probably don’t need it.

• Contact schools, doctors, and dentists to transfer your records to the new location and to get referrals from them as appropriate. Connecting with your friends through social media is a great way to get references.

• Start collecting packing materials boxes, tape, and all related packing materials to keep your belongings safe as you transport them. (Dircks can provide boxes ahead of time)

• Make any home repairs that you may need to make (especially if a deposit is on the line). Get it over with.

• Start using up food in your pantry and refrigerator so you don’t have to move too much to your new home. Have friends and family over to help!