Dirks Testimonial

Dirks Testimonial

We have used movers several times in the past and I have NEVER worked with a team like this! They were all very professional, knowledgable, and a JOY to work with!! I would definitely recommend Dircks to other Mayo Clinic employees who are relocating! The company should hang on to this team, as they work so well with each other and give the client a great sense of confidence that everything is handled and will go smoothly!! And it did go smoothly from the very start to the very end. I am VERY impressed and will definitely use Dircks again.

They were EXCEPTIONAL and a joy to have in our house. We thoroughly enjoyed working with them and anything we requested, they were more than willing to accommodate us. They were a real class act. And we loved Ed McBride!!! He is a heck of a guy and takes great pride in his work. Dircks is very lucky to have him………so hang on to him! He’s a real keeper!!

They were the BEST and we enjoyed working with ALL of them!! And like I answered on the last page, we LOVED Ed McBride and how he runs his team. Everyone works hard, but is very happy and glad to be there. He wanted us to be VERY satisfied with the end result, which made the whole move a wonderful experience!

Alicia Tobin (moving coordinator)- I knew she was the one for us after the first phone call. She is very professional, knowledgeable, direct and to the point, which I greatly appreciated! She planned and executed the move flawlessly. And was always available for any questions or concerns I had regarding the move. I feel she is a great asset to Mayflower and they are extremely lucky to have her!! Eddie McBride (Driver/packer/deliveryman) We LOVED this guy, and he actually made the stressful time of moving, a joy!!. He was very professional, but made it all seem easy and nothing was a problem that he couldn’t handle. He was very respectful of his team, and spoke very highly of Alicia Tobin, saying she is the best at what she does!! Alex McBride, James, Scott, Josh, and DJ, ALL did a fabulous job for us and should be recognized for the excellent employees that they are!!!

All 5’s, definitely would recommend. Very nice comments about Alicia, Eddie, and everyone involved. Great job!