From Our Family To Yours

From Our Family To Yours

We’ve been posting a lot of great moving tips lately … and rightly so, because summer is an extremely busy season for moving, and we love to arm our customers with as much useful information as possible!  But while moving families is a big part of our business, we don’t ever want to forget that our continued success is due largely to the fact that the Dircks business is a family in itself.

Nowhere is this more evident than with the Hankins family.  Juli Hankins, Dircks’ Relocation Coordinator who has been with Dircks since 2009, has had the unique opportunity to work with her two daughters, Morgan and Carly, both of whom joined the Dircks team last May.

Morgan, the elder Hankins daughter, recently graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in accounting and joined Dircks as its Payroll Coordinator.  Juli’s youngest daughter, Carly, is Dircks’ current receptionist, and while she wears a lot of hats around the office, she’ll be leaving in September to attend Grand Canyon University to pursue a degree in education and fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher.

The Hankins make the most of their time together and really enjoy working together on a daily basis.  In addition to being able to carpool together, Juli tells us that (with a laugh), “It’s great when I hear someone say ‘Mom?’ around the office and know that I’m the only one who will respond.”

“The girls also get to see and finally understand why I’m so tired after a long day or demanding work week!”, adds Juli.

The Hankins do actually cross paths in their daily functions, and they love that!  We love it, too, and we think that their “vibe” spreads throughout the entire Dircks organization.  Our customers recognize it, too, as Julie continually receives praise on customer feedback surveys, and she was recognized this year by Mayflower as a top national performer!

So, a big “thank you” to Juli, Morgan and Carly Hankins for continually reminding all of us that Dircks doesn’t just move boxes, we move families!