Get to Know. . .Karlie Jamieson

Get to Know. . .Karlie Jamieson

Get to Know. . .
 Karlie Jamieson

Current duties:

Coordinating both origin and destination services for our fellow agents, and making sure that their customers are taken care of. I maintain relationships with other agents by providing the highest level of customer service possible.

Where are you from:

I am from a small town of about 1,700 people called Mariposa, CA. A beautiful little mountain town about 40 minutes outside of Yosemite National Park. So small we don’t even have a single stop light.

What do you enjoy?

My favorite thing is to be outdoors. I enjoy hiking and exploring nature. I used to be able to walk outside my front door in Mariposa and I’d be in the woods, and now it’s a lot harder to get that feeling, but I still enjoy finding those nice secluded places where I can just relax and enjoy the silence.

Favorite place to visit:

Surprisingly enough, my hometown. Most locals aren’t fans of it because it’s so small and “boring”, but I absolutely love it. It holds so many memories for me and I will never get tired of how beautiful and secluded it is. I also recently visited Colombia which was a very awesome and eye opening experience.

What do you like about your role:

I love how different this industry is. I feel like I’m a part of a secret club and we all speak a different language to each other. I love the relationships I am building with other agents and coordinators. I like being part of a big team, all working together and making sure the customers have a great experience.