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How to Move Big Items

Some of the most common searched moving questions are how to move large belongings. An expert moving company can move almost anything, no matter how big. Here are moving tips on the most common large-item moves.

Pool Tables

  • Use four wooden dollies to move your table with ease.
  • Lock your dollies before lifting the table onto them.
  • Lift the pool table onto the dollies one leg at a time.
  • Unlock and push with control. If you move your table too fast or hard, it’ll be difficult to stop and could seriously hurt someone.


  • Wrap the piano to avoid any scratches.
  • Strap the piano with dolly straps.
  • Utilize a ramp to move your piano into a moving van.
  • Secure your piano once its inside the van. Place it in the back, surrounded by large pieces of furniture.


  • Defrost your freezer.
  • Utilize a cable to close the doors.
  • Use a dolly cart. Make sure the base is big enough to transport your fridge upright. This is to avoid coolant leaking.
  • Never move the fridge on its side or back. Oil from the compressor may leak into the cooling tubes.

Grandfather Clocks

  • Use gloves when disassembling and touching fragile parts of the clock.
  • Remove the pendulum and weights first.
  • Bunch the chains from bottom to top and wrap them with bubble wrap. Tie and secure the bundle.
  • Wrap shelves separately from other items, especially if they’re made of glass.


  • Do not attempt to move with your fish inside the aquarium. They may not survive the move.
  • Read more on our blog about moving reef aquariums!

Are you concerned about your large personal objects during the move? Dircks Moving and Logistics is trained in specialized moves and will make sure your item arrives safe and sound, no matter how big. Contact us today.

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