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It’s tempting to use ordinary home items, like towels, as moving tools. But industry used tools prove their effectiveness time and time again. Here are industry-standard moving tools and why you should use them.

Packing Tape

Duct tape seems to be the answer for everything. Unfortunately, it’s not the best idea for packing and moving. It doesn’t adhere well to cardboard and leaves sticky residues, which can be a mess in the Phoenix heat.

Packing tape, on the other hand, is made for cardboard. You’ll usually need only one layer, and they often come with dispenser cases. These cases save you time wasted on finding where your tape starts and cutting it with scissors.

Box Cutters

Box cutters are safer than scissors. You’re more likely to cut your hand if you’re slicing open a box with a scissors. Unlike scissors, the razor in a box cutter can be safely tucked back into its case.

Box cutters also create a smoother cut, which makes removing your items simpler. Scissors are likely to cause tearing and prolong the process. You can also control the length of the razor with a box cutter verses scissors, ensuring your items inside remain untouched.

Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are those fun Styrofoam bits you find in your packages. They are literally space fillers, and that’s important. One of the most common ways items break during a move is through bouncing around in the box you put them in.

Filling your boxes with packing peanuts gives your personal belongings security.

Bubble Wrap

There’s nothing wrong with wrapping your fragile items with newspaper, but bubble wrap is more effective. Newspaper wrapping often involves multiple layers. Because it’s just paper, there’s a chance your fine China will break during the move anyways.

The air in bubble wrap provides your items safety not only if they shift during the move, but if you drop them.

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