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Moving Checklist

The last thing you want your move to be is disorganized. No one wants to experience that helpless feeling of losing something during a move. We’ve composed a checklist for you to follow months, weeks, and days up until your move. While this list takes planning, it’ll be worth it when all your beloved items arrive at your new home.

Months Before the Move

  • Toss Away—use this time to sort through your personal belongings and throw away what you’re interested in taking with you to your new home. You can also consider a yard sale for the objects you don’t want anymore.
  • Call and Talk—contact moving companies and compare prices. Ask questions like, “Do you provide packing services? Do you move on the weekend?”
  • Find and Organize—seek out important family documents like vaccination records and birth certificates. Keep them somewhere safe because you don’t want to lose these.
  • Change and Update—head down to your postal office, DMV, or online to change your address. Update everyone who would need to know, from your insurance to your magazine subscriptions.
  • Measure Everything—measure the dimensions of your new home. The pivot scene in Friends is hilarious, but you won’t find it that funny in real life.

Weeks Before the Move

  • Start Early—begin packing and labeling little by little rather than pushing it off to the last minute.
  • Your Employer—talk to your boss and make sure you request days off for the move.
  • Schedule—schedule disconnects for your utilities and connections for your new home.
  • Cancel—cancel any services you need anymore, such as gym memberships if you don’t plan on using them.

Days Before Your Move

  • Melt—defrost your fridge! This is a big, but forgettable one.

You may only move a few times during your lifetime, but our experts move every day. Contact Dirck’s Moving and Logistics, and take the stress out of moving.

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