Office Building Moves

Office Building Moves

Dircks Commercial Moving

Commercial Business Moves

The Dircks team in Phoenix, Arizona are uniquely prepared to help and support any business through the transition period that comes with moving their office locations. With an extensive history of prior moves, our moving and warehousing teams are the best in the industry when it comes to managing office supply movement and systems furniture installations. Let the experts in the industry make your business’ day to day a lot easier by covering all your moving concerns for you.

Systems Furniture Installation 

Dircks understands that moving an office requires more than just transporting office furniture, which is why we specialize in systems furniture installation and de-installation. Our movers are experts in furniture systems and able to install your new or relocated furniture without interfering with other workers completing their tasks. Dircks’ professional installation services include:

  • Comprehensive installation of any type of module or system
  • Thorough review of all onsite specifications
  • Expert installation processes that minimize distractions or clutter for others
  • Professional de-installs

Record Storage

Dircks features the most secure and organized records management and document storage solutions in Phoenix. Storing and maintaining important records is a crucial responsibility of your business. Dircks maintains and retrieves your documents safely, securely and easily.

Our state-of-the-art facility ensures that your documents are held safely and securely. We utilize advanced technology to record and track files for instant access and retrieval. Our Record Storage options are convenient, cost-effective solutions for storing all of your old records, sensitive files and other essential paperwork.

Office Relocation Checklist 

Moving office/business locations can be a big undertaking, and we’re always striving to help our customers be as prepared as possible. To help you plan your business move, you can download our Office Relocation Checklist. Rest assured that you can count on us to help make your office relocation as smooth as possible.

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