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Reputation Matters For Moving Companies – Just Ask Tituss Burgess

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when planning a move is to hire a moving company without looking into their reputation. Don’t assume that all moving companies are the same and that any moving company will do – the reputation of the moving company is extremely important. Just ask Tituss Burgess!

A Nightmare Moving Experience

Burgess is an actor on the popular Netflix show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. He hired a moving company to move his couch – a simple job if there ever was one. Burgess had to call them up thirty minutes past the agreed upon moving time after they didn’t show up. The person in charge of the moving company offered a discount, but only if he left a positive Yelp review first.

Burgess agreed to leave a review after the service was rendered. The moving company refused and resorted to using offensive language. Burgess, in turn, left a negative review and posted the entire text conversation online.

Obviously, this is an example of one of the worst experiences you could have with a moving company. They screwed up his schedule completely, never moved his couch and subjected him to offensive language and insults. You can easily avoid such an experience by looking into the moving company’s reputation before you hire them.

Hire a Moving Company You Can Trust

Here at Dirck’s Moving & Logistics, we have built a stellar reputation for our professionalism and our customer service. We not only treat all of our customers with the utmost courtesy and respect, but we will show up on time and do exactly what you are hiring us to do. Tituss, if you ever leave New York and need to move your furniture across Phoenix, hit us up.

For more information about our residential moving services, contact us at Dircks Moving & Logistics today.

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