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Sustainable Moving Company Presents: Vehicle Recycling

Dircks Moving & Logistics takes great pride in our environmentally-friendly initiatives. For example, our fleet maintenance facilities recycle all of our oil, tires and vehicle parts!

Recycling Vehicles

You might be curious as to how vehicles are recycled. Believe it or not, the auto recycling industry is actually the 16th biggest industry in the country. In fact, according to the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, 95 percent of the vehicles that are no longer put to use are recycled every year.

Generally speaking, to recycle a vehicle, you take it to a junkyard or recycling facility, where the vehicle will be carefully inspected. Fluids will be drained and the vehicles will then be dismantled for parts. These parts will then be sold. The remaining metal is crushed or shredded into a small metal chunk.

Almost all of the parts of a vehicle can be recycled. It’s estimated that roughly 90 percent of a vehicle can be recycled, including the windshield, batteries, transmissions, tires, belts and more. Things like tires are often used for pavement in new roadways, while glass windshields are used to make countertops, jewelry and more. Recycling these materials can help substantially reduce carbon emissions in the manufacturing process.

No Matter Where You Move, Earth is Home

If you care about the environment, then choose a sustainable moving company like Dircks Moving & Logistics. Not only do we recycle our vehicles, we also have a number of other environmental initiatives, including but not limited to maintaining a fuel-efficient fleet, participating in the US EPA SmartWay program and utilizing zero-waste practices.

To plan a move with a sustainable moving company today, be sure to contact us at Dircks Moving & Logistics for more information.

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