Get to Know… Gary Snipes

Get to Know… Gary Snipes

Current Duties
I am the Residential Sales Manager for Dircks Moving & Logistics. I currently have seven direct reports which include five outside sales representatives that each have an assigned sales territory, one inside sales person and the manager of our military business.

Where are you from?
I was raised in Eureka, California, which is approximately 350 miles north of San Francisco. It’s right on the pacific coast and home of the redwood forests. Beautiful place, but a bit too much rain for my liking.

What do you enjoy?
My wife (Linda) and I are really into pickleball. We started playing when we lived in Palm Springs which was over seven years ago. It’s a great sport and is really exploding with growth. We live in Pebble Creek at Goodyear, which has twenty courts and the they are planning on adding another eight courts. Our pickleball club has over 900 members there. I also enjoy golf and pretty much any outdoor activity. We have three children, which are all grown and two grandchildren. Our kids are either married or have a significant other. One lives in Orange County, CA, one in Eureka and another in Grants Pass, Oregon. Our two grandchildren are both boys (Gavin & Canyon) and both will be two years old this year.

Interesting moves you have been a part of?
The one that sticks out the most to me though is several years ago I booked Roseanne Barr’s personal move. She was moving from Pacific Palisades to El Segundo, CA. The home she was moving out of was 11,000 square feet and she also had two hangars at the Santa Monica airport. She was downsizing and she wanted everything out of the hangars, repacked and cataloged and brought into permanent storage. Her home had a lot of art and specialty pieces that she had custom built. Lots of crating and packing on her job. The move took over two weeks. I never did meet her, I only dealt with her personal manager and her stylist. Every time that Roseanne would come home or move from her bedroom or office to another room, they would ask us to clear out for a few minutes while she did this. Very strange, but she was a really big star at the time. The move went extremely well and I actually received a personal letter from her thanking me and our company for everything.

Best part of living in Arizona?
There are really two things. One is the weather, we love the weather. Second is working for Dircks. This is a really great company, I always knew that they had a great reputation and I am very fortunate to be a part of it now!