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3 Ways to Reuse Your Moving Boxes

Once you’ve unpacked your belongings, you’ve probably found yourself surrounded by boxes upon boxes. Many people decide to throw these boxes away, but cardboard boxes can always be repurposed and in a variety of ways.

Here are three ways to to reuse moving boxes after your move.

Furniture Sliders

Your move may not be over yet. The furniture layout you had in mind will probably change numerous times as you set up your new living space. To avoid scratching your new floors, we recommend creating furniture sliders out of your old boxes.

Cut a few CD-sized discs out of your cardboard boxes. Before moving any heavy furniture pieces around your home, place a disc under each leg. Your homemade furniture sliders will prevent scratches on your floor when you are trying to arrange your furniture in your new home.

Additional Storage

Moving often involves getting rid of unwanted items before arriving at your new place. However, many find they’re still in need of additional storage after the move. Use your moving boxes to store seasonal items, emergency items, and more.

You can also choose to decorate your boxes and present them out in the open. Fabrics, paints, and even items like wallpaper can make your cardboard box look like it was purchased from a store. Fashionable boxes in various sizes can be used to store magazines on a coffee table, hold your guests’ keys, or even be combined with other boxes to display beauty products on a vanity.

Sell Them

Remember, someone’s always moving which means someone always needs boxes. Put an ad out on your favorite site and sell your boxes to someone who needs them in no time. Boxes in good conditions will sell better, obviously.

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