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Top 10 Tips for Moving During COVID

Even under the best of circumstances, moving is stressful! Throw COVID-19 into the mix, and there may be new questions, concerns, and worries that may not have crossed your mind pre-pandemic. So, can you move during COVID? Yes! Moving companies like Dircks Moving & Logistics are considered an essential business and are ready to move you safely while following CDC and local guidelines.

All Dircks Van Operators and Crew Members wear PPE and maintain social distancing guidelines, as shown by driver duo Donna and Gary Eaves pictured above.

Tip #1: Communication is Key

Whether you are using professional movers like Dircks, family or friends to help with your move, clear communication regarding your expectations about safety precautions is essential. Talk to them about maintaining a safe social distance, wearing proper PPE and abiding by guidelines. If you are moving with Dircks, we have you covered when it comes to this tip! Learn more about what we are doing to ensure the health and safety of our clients, partners and employees.

Tip #2: Declutter, Declutter, and Declutter Again

Before you even begin the moving process, COVID times or not, decide which of your items should be moved, donated or tossed. This will help condense the amount of items being moved and save you time and money. Need some help? We have you covered! These ten questions will help you decide if you really need an item, or if you should toss it before the move.

Tip #3: Disinfect and Sanitize

Ask your moving company about their sanitation guidelines. Make sure they are vigilant about sanitizing and disinfecting trucks, moving supplies, etc., and while you’re at it, make sure that you are just as vigilant about cleanliness. Purchasing new moving boxes versus reusing old ones can help to lower the possibility of spreading the virus.

Our Dircks crews disinfect and sanitize our offices, warehouses, trucks and equipment regularly.

Tip #4: Get a Virtual Moving Estimate and Sign Documents Electronically

Many moving companies (including Dircks!) offer the option to receive a virtual moving quote and provide customers the ability to sign papers electronically. This helps to keep the spread of germs down, and is so easy to do from the comfort of your home that you may even want to receive your future estimates virtually once the pandemic is over. Learn more about our virtual survey tool or schedule your free virtual estimate with Dircks.

Interested in a virtual moving estimate? Here’s how it works!

Tip #5: Keep it Essential on Move Day

Moving day is exciting and stressful and you may want family and friends there to help and share in that excitement. However, we recommend only having those essential to the move there on the big day. This will help you to maintain a safe social distance, while limiting distractions and causing your move to take longer than it needs to. By limiting the number of people involved in your move, the process can be more efficient and less dangerous.

Tip #6: Wear Proper PPE

Require that those present on move day wear proper PPE, including masks and gloves. This will help to keep everyone involved healthy and safe on move day.

We care about your safety. That’s why our Van Operators and Crew Members are required to wear proper PPE while in your home.

Tip #7: Pack Efficiently

Minimizing the number of boxes and moving supplies necessary for your move allows for a safer and more efficient move. Make sure to not leave empty space in boxes and label each one with the contents of the box. This helps with all stages of the moves. Imagine how easy unpacking will be when you know which room each box should go!

Tip #8: Look Into Contactless Moving Services

Moving containers can provide a contactless move for those that would prefer it that way. We’d be happy to tell you more about this option. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 602-267-9401 to learn more.

Tip #9: Discuss the Closing Process with Your Realtor

Talk with your realtor about how the closing process will work given COVID. Many agencies are offering curbside signing or even virtual closings. Just like with the movers, talk to your realtor about signing documents electronically.

Tip #10: Unpack Carefully

Use the same carefulness as you did when you packed once it’s time to unpack. Sanitize your home prior to unpacking, as well as disinfect items as you unpack them from boxes and place them in your new home. You can even wear gloves as an extra precaution.


  1. Tex Hooper
    May 12, 2022

    I appreciate what you said about keeping a safe distance from people who are sick during a move. I need to get a moving crew for my belongings. I can’t lift my piano by myself. https://www.southsoundmovers-tacoma.com/local-moves

  2. Zane Sanchez
    September 22, 2022

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful blog with us. Thank you for providing all of this helpful information.

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