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Common Moving Injuries

Moving can be very frustrating. With packing and lifting, it’s easy to leave safety on the back burner. Injuries while moving are more common than you think. Here are some you should try to avoid while moving.
Broken Fingers and Stubbed Toes
It’s easy to accidentally drop a box on your foot. Once that happens, moving gets even harder. Be sure to grip your boxes tight when you’re moving them and hold them closely to your body. Place them down carefully, no matter how tempting it is to just drop them. Never lift a heavy box over your head.

Throwing Out Your Back
When you do put down a box, make sure you’re not bent over. Back injuries are very common while moving, due to all the heavy lifting. Make sure you bend at the knees, not the waist.
Use Your Legs
Take advantage of your legs’ strength and use them to push boxes, rather than pull, whenever you can. Plus, it’ll give you a chance to sit down after all that standing and walking. If you can’t use your legs, it’s still better to push with your arms than pull.
Twisted Ankles
Assembly lines are fantastic, but don’t twist your body while moving boxes. Keep your legs apart and footing secure. Do not attempt to jog with a box in your arms. It’s advised to not run at all, so you don’t bump into anyone.
Always be cautious when using box cutters. When you tape boxes, try not to leave any rough edges exposed. When carrying a box, try your best to not graze anyone as you walk by.
Take Advantage of Dolly Carts
Dolly carts can make moving a hundred times easier. It’s safer to stack and move boxes on a dolly cart than to attempt carrying them on your own. Dolly cars not only minimize injury, but keep your valuables safe as well.

At Dirck’s Moving and Logistics, we’re trained professionals and here to make your move easier. Contact us and ensure your move will be as safe as possible.

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