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How to De-Stress Before a Move

Is there such a thing as a non-stressful move? You’d be forgiven for thinking not. Moves cost money, take time and effort, involve your most valuable possessions, and mark significant change in your life. It’s not exactly a relaxing business. Still, you can reduce the stress of moving with these tips:

Hire Movers with a Great Reputation

The Internet has made shopping for products and services really democratic. By searching for movers near you and checking reviews, you can quickly filter through the less reputable companies and find professionals you can rely on to show up on time, handle your things with care, drive safely, get the job done right, and be transparent about pricing.

The sooner you call for a quote, the more time you have to comparison shop and the more flexible you can be with scheduling. Companies like Dircks Moving and Logistics have the capacity to handle last-minute moves as well as those scheduled far in advance.

Pack Early, Pack Smart

Go to any college dorm building after move-out day, and look at how many items end up in the dumpster. This is because college students, who are busy with finals, make very little time for packing (and often lack space in their cars). Make time to pack during the weeks leading up to your move, and you won’t end up moving college style. You can even hire full service movers to handle the packing for you.

Inventory and Label Your Possessions

Taking inventory of your items will help immensely in the event that you have to file an insurance claim. You can write out a checklist, or use an app designed for this purpose.

Do your future self a favor by labeling boxes based on the room they belong to or the items they contain. This is an easy, fun job for any kid old enough to be trusted with a big black marker.

Have a Plan for Kids and Pets

On moving day when I was nine years old, my father sent me to the store to buy popsicles. I thought this was a great responsibility, but in reality Dad was probably tired of me scurrying around trying to find more items to label. Consider hiring a sitter or scheduling a playdate for children and pets. If your pets are going to be present during the move, make sure they are secured and that everyone knows where they are so they won’t accidentally let them out.

Have Fun

Throw a moving party, put on a playlist, take stretching breaks, or just revel in the semi-ordered chaos. Keep snacks and water handy so you don’t feel exhausted, dehydrated, or hangry on the big day. Soon, moving will be a distant memory and you’ll be settled into your new home.

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