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How to Move a Crib

Cribs are not cheap. Experts say they can cost anywhere from a $125 to $350. Therefore, it’s understandable why parents want to take precaution when moving their crib to a new home. Packing a crib also brings on hygienic challenges as newborns have yet to build up their immune system.

Moving a crib involves three major steps: cleaning, disassembling, and packing.

Cleaning Your Crib

Your baby is especially susceptible to germs. Before you take your crib apart, ensure it’s clean and will stay clean during the move.

  1. Wipe down the crib’s mattress with a wet, soapy cloth. Then dry it.
  2. Vacuum both sides of the mattress.
  3. Wash the sheets, blankets, and bumper in hot water (cold water doesn’t eliminate asthma-inducing dust mites).
  4. Use wet, soapy cloths to wipe the railings, legs, and frame.

Disassembling Your Crib

The next step is to disassemble your crib and keep track of the screws and bolts. We suggest keeping a plastic baggy and marker with you.

  1. Remove the mattress, pillows, sheets, and any toys from the crib.
  2. Have someone support sides of the crib as you unscrew them.
  3. Keep the screws and bolts in separate baggies. Mark the baggies so you know what needs to be used for reassembling.

Packing Your Crib

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your crib, your goal is to keep any dirt from touching the crib during the move.

Suggested supplies:

  • 2 Boxes
  • Blankets or towels
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Newspaper
  • Tape

Packing process:

  1. Fill the boxes with packing peanuts.
  2. Wrap the legs and sides of the crib separately either with blankets, towels, or bubble wrap.
  3. Place the crib sides and mattress in one box, and legs in the other.
  4. Fill the boxes with crumpled newspaper to eliminate gaps.
  5. Tape the boxes and mark CRIB.

Moving is difficult, especially on new parents or parents with young ones. That’s why many choose Dircks Moving and Logistics to ensure their nursery arrives at their new home all in one piece.

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