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How to Pack and Move Your Computer

In 2018, the number one question on your mind during a move may be: will my desktop make it?Laptops comes in one piece and fold onto themselves. Unfortunately, desktops aren’t made for convenience. That doesn’t mean you can’t efficiently pack and move your desktop computer system.

Know Your Items:
What exactly does a desktop computer consist of?
• Monitor (that’s the screen)
• Tower (that’s the tall structure under your desk)
• Computer mouse
• Speakers, often
• Webcam, often
• Remote, sometimes

• Camera/Phone with Camera
• Plastic Baggies
• Bubble Wrap
• One Large Box
• Newspaper
• Packing Tape
• Marker

Prep Work:
With so many wires, you don’t want to make life difficult after arriving at your new home.
Before you begin packing:
1. Take photos of the wires and cords behind your monitor. That way, you’ll know where to plug them back in later.
2. Unplug the wires, cords, and any USBs.
3. Wrap the wires, cords, and USBs. Place them in individual baggies.

Your Monitor
1.Bubble wrap your monitor.
2. Tape the bubble wrap securely.
3. Place in box.
Your Tower
1. Bubble wrap your tower.
2. Tape the bubble wrap securely.
3. Place in box next to monitor.
Small Items
1. Wrap the cord of your mouse around the mouse.
2. Bubble wrap your mouse.
3. Tape bubble wrap securely around mouse.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 for speakers, webcam, remote, and other small items.
Final Step
1. Fill in gaps with as much crumbled newspaper as possible. Don’t allow any wiggle room.
2. Tape your box securely.
3. Mark your box with the word “COMPUTER” in large, clear letters.

During the Move
Transporting the desktop box is just as important as safely packing it. You don’t want your work to go to waste.
• Store your box near other heavy boxes.
• Secure your box with cords if possible.
• Store your box in an area with lots of room to move around.
• Place your box on top of light, fragile boxes.

If you want to make sure that your desktop arrives safely, contact Dircks Moving and Logistics.With years of experience under their belt, your computer will be in good hands during the move.

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