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How to Pack Fragile Items

The question on every mover’s mind—how do I make sure my fragile items don’t break in the
move? The experts at Dircks Moving and Logistics know exactly how. Here’s are some tips and
tricks to make sure you don’t shatter your in-law’s wedding gifts.
Part 1—Prep Work
Here’s what you’ll need to begin.
1. Cardboard Boxes
2. Packing Peanuts
3. Bubble Wrap
4. Newspaper
5. Marker
6. Box Cutter
7. Packing Tape

Part 2—Packing the Items
Follow these steps in order.
1. Layer the bottom of the box with packing peanuts.
2. Wrap your delicate items separately in bubble wrap and place in box, heaviest on the bottom.
3. Fill in gapped areas with newspaper.
4. Use the marker to write FRAGILE on the box in big, readable letters.
5. Draw arrows in the direction you want the box to be held.
• Use a boxcutter to cut a box into divider pieces.
Use the dividers to separate items within the same box.
Part 3—Sealing the Box
Taping the box properly is just as crucial as packing the fragile items.
1. Fold in smaller flaps of the box first.
2. Fold the bigger flaps in.
3. Tape where the flaps touch and then where the flaps were folded. In the industry, this is
referred to as a middle H seal.
4. With a particularly heavy load, tape an X across the box.
• Don’t overpack. It’s better to get more boxes than not enough and overfill them.
• Heavier items should be in smaller boxes and lighters items in bigger ones.

This is because you want as little room as possible for your heavy items to move around in.
The next step is transporting your items, whether it’s down the street or across the world.
Dircks Moving and Logistics can safely transport all your items and help you move into your new
home. Don’t feel like packing? We can do that, too.

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