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May is National Moving Month

May is known as National Moving Month because it’s the busiest season for relocation. In fact, May 1st was historically considered Moving Day in 19th century New York. Why do so many people decide to move in May?


Many families do not wish to take their children out of school in the middle of the school year. Switching schools mid-semester or term can be complicated; it’s often difficult for children to play catch up with a new teacher who has a different curriculum and teaching style. Moving mid-school year can also make meeting new friends hard. It’s a lot easier to wait to move until after their last day.


Moving in May is a lot easier than moving in June or July, simply because you beat the heat. This is especially true in Phoenix, where our summers hit 112 degrees and up. Continuing from the previous point, moving in May allows out-of-school children to help with the process. Many families understandably keep their children inside during summer moves to avoid heat stroke. Moving in May allows the kiddos to lend a helping hand.


Snow is not something Phoenix residents are normally concerned about, but those moving around Flagstaff or to a snowy state may choose to move in May because it’s safer. Driving on icy roads, especially if you’re an inexperienced driver, can be dangerous. Large moving trucks must be especially careful driving to or from colder climates in the winter. If possible, Phoenix residents moving to a cold areas should avoid moving in the winter.

Dircks Moving and Logistics is headquartered in Phoenix, but facilitates moves all across the country and around the world. If you’re planning to move, this month is a perfect time. Not ready to move? We can help with everything from packing to storage.

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