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Moving a Medical Facility

Moving a medical facility should always be left in expert hands. Unlike other moves, medical facility moves can greatly impact others’ lives. If an MRI machine is improperly handled during a move, for instance, it could affect a patient’s life in the future. While employers should never attempt to take on the move themselves, they can still prepare for the relocation.

Finding the Location

Finding the new location is more than just locking down space. It’s important to decide at the beginning if you want to lease or own. Once that decision has been made, find a commercial real estate agency that specializes in medical facility property. You’ll need an agent who has a firm understanding of safety and regulatory compliance.

Hiring Professional Movers

This is not an ordinary move. Even the most experienced movers may be unequipped to handle medical moves. Employers need to seek professionals with commercial moving experience. Movers should be able to:

  • Meet state and federal guide for moving a medial facility and transporting medical equipment
  • Have technicians with expertise in disassembling sensitive equipment as needed, packing it, and safely moving without damage
  • Have technicians able to test and re-commission equipment, making it ready for use in the new location
  • Be experts at moving exam tables, office furniture, filing systems, workstations, and IT equipment
  • Understand your need to minimize downtime to avoid loss of billable patient hours and be willing to work with you in completing the project on schedule

Notifying Patients

Place a sign on your door and in the office, notifying others of your move, thirty days in advance. Add a notice to your phone greeting and update your website/social media. Notify patients by email and postal mail. If possible, publish a notice in the local newspaper with information about the new location.

If you’re moving a medical facility in Arizona, you need professional commercial movers. Dircks Moving and Logistics has handled moves for medical establishments like St. Joseph’s Hospital. Contact us for a free estimate.

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