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Moving into a Retirement Home

Helping an older loved one move into a retirement can be an emotionally difficult process. It’s important that this type of move be as stress-free as possible and handled sensitively.

Tips for Moving

  1. Reduce—Use this time to help your loved one go through their belongings. Retirement homes are significantly smaller than houses. Your loved one won’t be able to take a lot.
  2. Measure—Plan ahead and take measurements of the retirement home. Find out what your loved can bring that will fit.
  3. Little by Little—Help your loved one pack early in advance, a little at a time. It’ll be less overwhelming than trying to pack all at once.

Be Understanding

Maybe you’ve informed your loved one that they only have two days to move, and they seem to be prolonging the process. They may be having second thoughts about moving certain belongings or the entire move altogether, even though you were recently on the same page.

Many senior citizens see this move as the last one they’ll make. They may be dealing with feelings of abandonment. They may be coming to terms with the fact that they’re no longer able to live independently.

  1. Don’t Rush—The more you try to push them during the move, the more your loved one will object. Inform your loved one that they can take their time.
  2. Listen—If your loved one stumbles upon a sentimental item, take the time to listen to the story they may want to share.
  3. Compliment—As you help your loved one move into their new home, be sure to talk positively of their new space. Help them get excited.

Do you or an older loved one need help moving? Dircks Moving and Logistics is trained to handle all sorts of moves in a time-sensitive manner, professionally and gently. Contact us today to plan your upcoming move.

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