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Moving Your Home Theater

The home theater is the pride and joy of many homeowners. Unfortunately, if you’re planning on moving, it can also be one of the biggest challenges you’ll face.

Home theater equipment tends to be quite bulky, especially if you’ve invested a lot into creating an in-home movie experience. The following are tips for packing up your home movie theater equipment so that it will survive the move without damage and will be easy to set back up:


  • Take pictures – Take pictures of the back of your TV or AV receiver. Remembering what cables plug into which holes can be very difficult, especially if your wiring is extremely complicated.
  • Label everything – While taking pictures will help, a lot of your wiring probably looks the same. Get some masking tape and mark each cable so that you know where it goes.
  • Pack your accessories – The best way to pack all of your home theater accessories is by placing them in a large plastic bin so that you won’t lose track of them. Secure your cables using rubber bands and place them into the bin. Put all of your remotes and video game controllers in the bin as well. Stuff gaps in the bin with towels, newspaper, or packing peanuts to prevent them from shaking around.
  • Pack systems – Use strong normal-sized boxes for things like your Blu-Ray player, your Roku, and any video game systems you have. Wrap them in towels or blankets. Speakers should be packed the same way.
  • Pack your displays – If you still have the original box for your TV, place your display inside of it. If not, move it to your car, carefully wrap the entire display in blankets or bubble wrap, and tape it up to keep it secured.

Specialized moves involve a lot of risk and often call for professional movers. Dircks Moving & Logistics are fully trained to handle moving complex and fragile items. Contact Dircks today.

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