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Tips for Moving with Dogs and Cats

If you’re planning to move and you have cats or dogs, then you’ll have to plan ahead of time to make sure that your pets get to where you’re going safely. The following are a few tips for moving with your pets:

  • During the move – You won’t want your pets to get in the way of the movers while they are loading up the moving truck. Nor do you want them to get stressed out from having strangers in your old home. If you have an escape artist, the open doors might just be too tempting. Consider having a friend or neighbor look after your pets while your things are being loaded up. You could also board them for a few hours at a pet hotel. Of course, depending on your pet and your property, securing them in the yard might make the most sense. Just be sure to find a place for them to stay ahead of the move.
  • Driving with your pet – Get all of your pet’s paperwork together, such as their health records. If you’re driving, then make sure that you have their leash, a few toys, their medication, and food and water. If it’s a long distance move and you’re planning on staying at hotels on the way, make sure you book a pet-friendly hotel ahead of time.
  • Flying with your pet – If you’re flying to your new home, then you’ll need to have an airline-approved pet carrier. Call your airline ahead of time and ask about what you need. You may also want to get some sedatives from your vet to help keep your pets calm during the flight.
  • Change their tags – Last but not least, make sure that you put a new address and up-to-date phone number on their tags.

Contact us at Dircks Moving & Logistics today to schedule your upcoming move, and use these tips to keep the four-legged members of your family as happy and safe as possible.

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