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Moving Etiquette Tips

Professionally trained and experienced movers are always courteous to their customers. This might seem like common sense, but some movers fail at basic customer service. At Dircks Moving and Logistics, we know our reputation depends on how we treat people.

As a customer, you are in no way obligated to show etiquette. You’ve got a lot on your mind when moving, and we are guests in your personal home (soon to be former home, plus your new home). We appreciate your trust and your business. If you want to show appreciation and have the most positive moving experience, here are some tips.

Be Present on Moving Day.

Yes, moving is hard, you deserve a break, and you don’t want to feel like you’re getting in the way, but don’t run off just yet. The movers may have questions during the moving process that need your attention.

Label Boxes by Room & Identify Fragile Items.

This helps the movers load the truck in a logical, efficient manner. It also protects your items by ensuring fragile boxes are loaded safely. It’s kind of like how at the supermarket, you need to know which bag has the eggs in it.

Communicate When Necessary.

Trusted professional movers are experienced enough that you shouldn’t have to worry about giving them constant directions. However, even the best movers benefit from clear communication. If you want us to unload your kitchen stuff first, or keep a door closed so that your dog doesn’t run off, let us know and we’ll gladly accommodate you.

Remember to Tip Accordingly.

Tipping is a standard in the moving industry. Tip each mover individually; the amount you tip depends on how many hours of labor they performed. You might also offer water and snacks — even if the moving company takes care of food and water themselves, the sentiment will be appreciated.

Leave an Online Review.

Giving a good review increases business for moving companies you enjoy working with. We love reviews and testimonials! Even critical reviews can help improve the way a company operates, but do try to resolve the issue with a supervisor or account manager first.

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