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Best Cities to Move In the US

The 2017 Best Places to Live rankings are in from U.S. News. Here’s our pick for the Top 7 Best Cities to Move in the U.S. We tried to represent different regions in our picks:

Washington, D.C.

If you crave East Coast urbanism but balk at the cost of living in New York and Boston, the District might be your destination. Diversity and civic engagement characterize life in D.C., and once you’re a Beltway insider you’ll never think of politics the same way again.

Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines has been named one of the most affordable cities to live in the United States. The rapidly developing area attracts millennials and people who want to raise families in quiet, affordable suburbs with access to downtown culture.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle has gained a reputation for having a strong job market. Both Starbucks and Amazon, who are consistently rated as top employers, are headquartered here. The laid-back vibe and gorgeous scenery attract residents, and the level of rainfall experienced in the region is greatly exaggerated.

Boise, Idaho

Booming migration rates have created demand for new developments. Boise is a city for outdoor lovers, bordered not by sprawl but by wilderness. Locally sourced food from the rural surroundings appeals to the cosmopolitan nature lover.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix attracts people of all ages who enjoy the climate. What surprises outsiders is the amount of color, with flowers blooming year-round, and the strange ability to tolerate triple-digit temperatures thanks to the dry air. Top-rated yet affordable programs at ASU, family-friendly neighborhoods, and growing cultural programs in the various downtown areas make Phoenix a great place to live.

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Everyone knows Austin is a great place to live. But did you know that scores of people are moving to Dallas-Forth Worth? There’s something for everyone, from sports to arts and cultural events. Suburban families can easily access metropolitan areas, and the job market offers opportunities for those building a career.

Colorado Springs, CO

It’s not as busy as Denver, but for residents of Colorado Springs, that’s part of the attraction. Low unemployment rates, access to outdoor recreation, and proximity to Denver add to the allure.

Charlotte, NC

Of all the southern states, the Carolinas seem to be getting a lot of love lately. Cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greenville are experiencing high migration rates. More affordable than northern cities and more comfortable weather-wise than some southern neighbors, there’s no shortage of culture and community in Charlotte.

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